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Founder of NAPPS Mitchell Rubin
Rubin is a 50% partner with Blum in B & R Services and receives the financial benefit of the exchange of work through the NAPPS


Breaking News The Philadelphia culture: Sheriff Office raided 8/15/2013 by the United States FBI

I don't think it is a big leap to think this behavior is the norm in Philadelphia, not for the average Joe but for those who seek power regardless of the destruction of the institutions they purport to love. The people or the members are not the problem some only support the problems. I don't think it is a big leap either to say there are connections to all this and the way of the operations in NAPPS. As this story may reveal

A little more about the Philly connection 1315 Walnut Street

There is an advantage to the team who sticks to the applecart. Many times these small things lead to big things. Like getting access to a private box at the Philly stadium or bigger things like getting hooked up to more business through the non profit enterprise. Could make being a leader awfully tempting to do what ever it takes to be one and stay one. It also could be a sign of entitlement that leads to aversions of fiduciary duties. Check this story out from the NAPPS docket in 1986 how the leaders are blessed with certain privileges and rewards.

In 1985 the NAPPS board unanimously approved an annual audit and then two years later in 1987 this board approved a change in accounting year.

Now in 2009 we have financial questions and NAPPS again changes it accounting year.

1315 Walnut Philadelphia, PA has significant ties to this page, NAPPS. Blum and Rubin.

Mr Blum is 50% partners in B & R Services with NAPPS founding member Mitchells Rubin. Mr Rubin's name was removed from B & R website around July 2011 as his indictments and convictions in Federal court in 2010 developed. Rubin remains as a 50% owner of B & R according to corporation records. B&R receives work by being listed in NAPPS directory. I am no longer on the list because ....? View the NAPPS expulsion tab on the left.

RUBIN-pleamemorandum sentencing mrubininformation mrubin_release

Rubin founding members of napps This B & R archived web snapshot indicates Rubin AND Blum are founding members of NAPPS.

This NAPPS article by Mr Alan Crowe shows Rubin
name included

Blum edited the same article written by
Alan Crowe and placed it on Blum website and eliminated Rubin's name. If it is still live you can find his edited version it at his website If it is removed just look at my copy in the prior link.

As of March 19, 2013 corporate records show 2 corporations both with Blum and Rubin as principals 1. B & R Service for professionals and 2. B & R Service of Process INC.

In 2009 a NAPPS member was concerned over an indictment and conviction of a NAPPS founding member. He was issued this cease and desist letter Then Blum immediately sent it out to the board.

Soon thereafter Mr Blum sends an email notice to the entire board. In it he reinforces his authority upon the entire organization. That email is here.

latest docket entry relating to Mitchell Rubin arrest by the Pennsylvania Attorney General

If embed source does not show you can download it here 2013_04_28_docket_Pennsylvania.pdf


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