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Ruth Reynolds of NAPPS


Process servers are under attack. The news media regulators and legislators are all judging us for the actions of a few. We have no advocacy in leadership when individuals credibility representing us is suspect. Yellon and Rubin and Collins pages here at these underlined links all shows these concerns. Instead leadership and their crew remove other individuals from the trade. They influence the actions through peer pressure upon those who are easily lead to follow. Individuals banished whether it is from facebook groups or trade associations. There are many of them expelled including 3 NAPPS presidents in the last 10 years. They are not apart of these stories of wrong behavior and I can find no charges ever against them. The reason for their removal is due to their questions and exposure of the numerous predicate acts of improprieties.

Ms Reynolds as an International process server and former arbitration and grievance chair. Ms Reynolds is also the leader of the North Carolina association that had its tax exemption revoked for failing to pay taxes on its branch office listing revenue.

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