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Lance Randall of NAPPS, FAPPS, MDAPS

Lance Randall NAPPS

NAPPS Crowe and Blum placed Randall as president unopposed in the 2015 conference.

Read the dialog between Randall and Process Servers Posse regarding specific illegal activity at NAPPS here.

Randall is a front man for the committee of a few. He was groomed by Mike Compton of Florida in his political maneuvering against Musser. Once the politics is over they self heal for their common purposes as seat warmers for Blum, Collins and Crowe.

In February 2012 at the Fort Lauderdale meeting you can see Randall cuddling up with Crowe here Gary and Randalls boat ride. Interesting note on this previous note is Gary recognized and thanked Bill Mlotok for attending. Bill Mlotok is the principal of Samserve and currently listed as associated with President Yellon's company. Sam Serve is --currently-- the defendant in a New York class action accused of 93,000 sewer serves. And he was a recognized guest with accolades for being in attendance. Then in Portland Crowe invite them all to his home garyshome. In that meeting of which Randall was present Gary mentioned the next meeting (Gary contract meeting) will be held in Louisiana in Nov 2012. At that meeting Couch gave the entire board bags full of goodies. Especially showered Crowe with a very expensive bottle of wine. In addition Counch set the NAPPS leaders up in a very nice balcony overlooking Bourbon street. So sure enough by November 2012 when Crowe got his $1,200,000.00 contract the bounty was accomplished. Garys Contract. So sure enough when Couch was unqualified to be elected at the April 2013 conference as he was not a member for two years Randall was a first hand witness of the tactics involved to perform the deviation. Either he knew it or was ignorant. Either one does not a good leader make.

So Randall is clearly on the other side. he does not represent the membership of a non profit and has no clue of the obligations he has or worse purposely intentfully decides to ignore it. His recent dual report with Crowe shows this undeniable fact in the docket sheet. Crowe facts and lies in the docket, and Lance reverberation of his bosses theme.

Current president of FAPPS, secretary of NAPPS. In 2011 he spearheaded a project to scan all documents of FAPPS. In 2012 FAPPS obtained insurance to protect the board from lawsuits relating to the operation of the non-profit. In 2012 FAPPS began to destroy financial and secretarial records including those Randall had just scanned.

So if you think this lack of integrity will not effect the process server trade I suggest you understand why sewer service is the predominant definition of this industry. This page reveals why.

30 years and what impact has this politic and lack of true leadership for a trade given us. It has given you the material throughout

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