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April 5, 2013 letter to Oregon Courts relating to the abuse of process in subpoena powers in NAPPS v Does. notice in the Jan Feb 2013 Docket Crowe changed the specific motion from "negative" posts to "defamatory" posts.

Case dismissed April 16, 2013!

CASE #2 filed April 22, 2013 go here

NAPPSWATCHER DOMAIN RENEWAL The domain was scheduled to expire on March 15, 2013 but there is a redemption period that can go about 60 days past the expiration date. March 27, 2013 the NAPPSWATCHER group renewed the domain until March 2014! View the renewal info here.

In the January-February issue of the Docket CROWE uses the subpoena power of the court and identifies the domain owner of In the docket Crowe misquotes the Boston conference motion from authors of negative posts to his version authors of defamatory posts. Big difference folks! NAPPS leaders continue to protect their schemes of tax evasion and personal gain. They do this through the limited benefit of a few for the international expeditures by attacking those demanding transparency accountability and professional management services all members lose. If certain transparency seekers are unwilling to provide for real solutions and high tail it and run then there may be real questions of why they did it. Leaders stay the course to proper truthful conclusions regardless of popularity.

This page is for critical review of the comments at NAPPSWATCHER. It was copied in its entirety for critical review. The links, the search, and many attachments may not be available as this is a copy and may not resolve properly to those items originally hosted at wordpress. NAPPS instituted a general allegation complaint in Oregon without specifics relating to comments and makes the general allegations without specificity. That case is here The authority for this suit was limited by the member authorization in Boston. "Motion by Jerry Colasurdo to hire an independent investigator and file a lawsuit if necessary to find the creator(s) of and authors of negative posts and to remove them from the association if they are members, 2nd by Tim Couch"

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE ACTUAL COPY as it was displayed in its original form before they closed it!

It is this authors opinion that this suit is another sign of the private dealings of those persons in position of leadership. That this lawsuit is strategic lawsuit against public participation and was filed by design to prevent a full review of the illegal and wrongful practices of a very few in leadership and those they benefit. It uses the non profit funds to further their private concerns. This lawsuit is not about protecting NAPPS but protecting the enterprise and schemes of a few that is in it. By filing this with the court they are now using the court to limit accountability through member participation and discussion. In fact technically they have used the court for the purposes beyond the scope of the member authorization to identify and expel. The damages of 975K were never authorized and in fact could not be substantiated since the administrator just received a unanimous vote, on November 17, 2012 board meeting in Louisiana, a 27% raise and a five year extension at over $1,200,000.00 million dollars.

By entering and viewing the content for critical review and for comparison to what is alleged in the lawsuit you will immediately notify us of specific comments that should be removed and upon proper support for your position THAT PORTION WILL BE REMOVED!

By accessing you agree that you will immediately notify the webmaster of the specific url relating to matters that are inappropriate and that portion will be removed. You must cite the URL, cite the specific authority of what is inappropriate and if it is opinion why it is not protected. a COMMENT WILL BE REPLACED IN THAT SECTION WITH YOUR REQUEST FOR ITS REMOVAL. If your authority is not readily specifically discernable from you initial notice a response will be made. At that time you will have 10 days to present a rebuttal and then upon your rebuttal the item will be removed. All notices must be sent via US mail.

Also note that the comments and associated IP address with anonymous poster will need to be obtained from the host of the original works. Email your intent of notice to In the email include the date and time of the sending of the notice. All times toll when the notice is received by me and when I drop the response(s) in the mail to you.

The material will be removed upon properly supported notice. Because many comments are spread throughout the copied site please be diligent to find them all and notify us.

The NAPPSWATCHER copy for critical review of it contents is here

Any other notices that you may care to send must be sent to 343 Hazelwood Ave S, Lehigh Acres, Florida 33936. It must be sent by trackable regular mail as there is no one to sign for or pick up any packages.

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