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Maryland House HB 1293 DEFEATED

Testimony March 5, 2014

Part 1 of 2

Here is Randy Scott's written testimony for both HB 1293 and

SB 838 for the 2014 session


Part 2 of 2

Maryland Senate Testimony SB 838 February 2014


Maryland-Testimony 2013

Maryland Attorney General Race Announced Candidates

Bill Frick

Aisha Braveboy

Brian Frosh

Dear Maryland AG candidates:

Prove to us we have tried perjury and forgery laws across the nation and they have failed!

Proposing new laws in process serving only serves to gain campaign donations and a sharing of power that does no consumer or industry participant any good.

Complicated confusing laws lobbyied by special interests protecting their interests are paper tigers at most and outright fraud at best. Further destroying the purpose of government for the protection of the few. Put the crooks in jail and lets get on to our good works! Lets not allow loopholes to be the answer.

Respectfully yours,

Randy Scott


Here is the forms of the lobbyists. Noticeably absent is any part of (National Association of Professional Process Servers) NAPPS contributing over $8,000.00 1. MAAPPS lobbyist one 2. MAAPPS lobbyist 2

IN order to be a professional organization NAPPS and its followers needs to embark on a 50 state tour and determine if NAPPS needs to register itself as a principal under each states laws. If NAPPS continues to convert its non profit money to non exempt facilities AND it does it contrary to the state lobbying laws it further impacts its credibility of being professional. If the members don't demand it of the leaders than what else may be happening behind that curtain.

2013_05_01 Maryland association was the benefactor of a gift from NAPPS Gary Crowe of $8,360.00 gift in April of 2013. There was no meeting of the NAPPS board to approve this donation and in fact the overwhelming majority of participants who defeated this bill were there on their own dime.

Relating to this gift:

  • Since this gift to MAAAPS was for lobbying legislation will MAAAPS pay tax on it?
  • Will NAPPS pay tax on it since it is money given to a non tax exempt facility?
  • Did MAAAPS pay for any of its members to attend the Arizona NAPPS conference?
  • Did NAPPS pay for Perez travel to testify and will NAPPS pay tax for this?
  • Did NAPPS expend any in kind support that they will pay tax on?
  • Why did NAPPS approve this without any transparent meetings that the membership could be aware of?
  • Why should MAAAPS leaders get money when others attended in opposition to the bill and they did it without even a consideration to costs reimbursed?
  • Why do people who work on behalf of process servers in official capacity get reimbursed when the hundreds or thousands of process servers who do this work daily are the true heroes and ask for nothing?

When proposing legislation it is not always transparent that some of the stakeholders have in onerous regulations to eliminate competition. Look at the history of the New York Legislation and you will find the goal WAS regulations. At a cost over 100K convinced many that the leaders were against it. Look at the minutes of the meetings a couple years earlier they appear to align more with the New York DCA actions that was let on. 1. 2006_09_17_goals 2. 2008_07_01_favorableonnysppa. Over 800 process servers and agencies are out of business. Who is left concentrates demand, increase profit and control the market place. This is contrary to what trade association are supposed to do. They are supposed to build a market not destroy one so only a few can benefit. Here is the whole story of that New York successful effort.

Maryland 02/19/2013 SB-554

In my lengthy conversation with Senator Frosh aid Chris Valvida I described to him my concerns (and of course I sent him all the documents to support it). My written testimony was picked up by two on the board as they asked the questions of the participants How does this impact competition! Good job to all who are becoming alert to these issues! Information is key! It is my hope this web site provides it!

Randy Scott's written testimony

The oral testimony is linked here per person:
Ann Belina Anthony Williams Antoine Lewis
Bill Crest Brandy Sign Dade Copell
David Felter Jeff Forman Jeff Wietzel
John Perez Linda Langville Marcelina White
Matthew Dudzik Michelle Dwojewski Ms Jones
Patrick Cocoran Paul Duff Sarah Frosh



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