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Gary Crowe of NAPPS

The letter Mr Crowe sent via email on August 13, 2013 is responded to in these youtube presentations:

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August 3, 2013 DC meeting:Crowe Taxes

Here is what Crowe was sourcing without credit

Under Alan H Crowe and Associates tutelage NAPPS has passed through it over 4500 process servers. Currently the membership is about 1851. What do these numbers show about the association and its leadership that more people have left it then are in it. See Paragraph 2 on page 2 of admin contract dated January 1, 2010.

What do you think that NAPPS employee Gary Crowe uses his NAPPS counsel and his friend to mediate a conflict involving his duty to the membership? Does the fact that NAPPS membership pay for his counsel to his benefit indicate any potential conflict? Would your employee have access to your counsel to defend his job against you? View this published document regarding that friendship here Rycewics and Crowe please note as of 8/14/2013 Mr Rycewicz profile was removed from the site. See this copy of the google cache pull today. In order to keep your confidence try this link and see if google is still caching the information independently of what I have here. When you get to the google cache, if it is there, scroll down to Mr Rycewics account click on it and you will get this account closed.

When you get time go to the TAKE DOWN NOTICE tab on the left and note how I was advised by Mr Rycewicz my activities on the internet would be watched. So I suppose we are "watching" each other.

I disagree that Mr Rycewicz represents the membership and I believe he has a built in conflict between two masters and only represent one of them.

Of Alan H Crowe and Associates has been NAPPS exclusive administrator since its founding. In 1986 the board issued an order that NAPPS would have an annual audit by a CPA. ALAN H CROWE and Associates never honored the board unanimous vote. In essence the administrator was instructed and he ignored it. 27 years later in the midst of misreported money and special private relationships through NAPPS business they expelled 5 members and will continue to expel those who pursue the accountability of members money!

The IRS rules state what a board is supposed to do in regards to the approving of a contract. It is supposed to use comparable's such as size, location and experience. I have put together the beginning stages of this comparable at this location of the web site. My preliminary review is the contract of over 250K annually to Mr Crowe is 75K annually too much. Here is Crowe's prior contract

In 1996 they Alan H Crowe and Associates created an international service of process company. You can view the history and documents and relationships of events to this NAPPS deal by visiting this UIHJ page.

The administrator prepares all IRS 990's reports, prepares and represents to the board his own contract, uses his personal credit card for all NAPPS purchases, signs the NAPPS checks to pay for the credit card. (These amounts are estimated to be over $150,000.00 dollars a year.) He attends all international events under the auspices of his authority for the NAPPS member organization. statements here and here

See administrator November 17, 2012 $1,200,000.00 dollar contract here

See tabled notice from Boston see text of tabled IRS notice to all members
Crowe has made it disappear through the expulsion process and it is not expected to be presented in Arizona

See CROWE's SPEECH AT THE BOSTON CONFERENCE (note because it was typed on the fly there may be minor errors or missing parts but not many) There will be linked sections identified with an underline to help identify portions of his context. It will open in the same window just use your back button or right click and choose open in a new window or save.

Now Watch this following video to find out what leadership role I will take should you chose to not act to bring transparency and accountability to my NAPPS!

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