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Tim Couch ineligible to be elected to Board Yet the leadership did it anyway.

Mr Tim Couch of Louisiana is a new NAPPS members. He was published as a NAPPS applicant in the June 2011 Supplement. In the July 2011 Supplement issue of the NAPPS supplement he was reported accepted as a new member.

Tim Couch brother is a partner with Couch Conville & Blitt is a multi-state law firm, which focuses primarily upon a legal collection and creditors’ rights practice.Fred Blitt is a past president of NARCA. With NAPPS establishing the financial services designation where mambers can pay to be authorized to serve process for collection attorneys Couch place ment is vital to control the process servers and connect the resulting control to NARCA.

2011_08_06 Philadelphia, the city of Brotherly Love. Also known as one of the original churches in the Christian church. It was a great city to have a NAPPS quarterly board meeting in and Mr Couch attended this his first meeting after joining NAPPS. One of the local hosts of this meeting was Fred Blum

2012_11_17 Couch attended the Louisiana NAPPS meeting and prepared and handed out gift bags to the NAPPS board members. Apparently upon reliable information he made a special gift bag to Crowe which included some very fancy exclusive wine. In addition based upon reliable information he allowed the board of NAPPS access to a private facility over looking Bourbon street for a night of revelry and partying. Blum mentions Couch in the minutes of this meeting.

2012_04 He was at the April 2012 conference in Boston and seconded Gerald Calursurdo motion regarding NAPPSWATCHER. The adminsitrator Gary Crowe put the conference booklet together that allowed Couch to be elected. How did he overlook the two years requirement for him when he identified all the rest.

In April 2013 at the Phoenix conference Mr Couch was nominated by Baughman and elected to the NAPPS board of directors.

NAPPS bylaws state that in order to be eligible for a board position on NAPPS a person must be a member for two years. Mr Couch was a member less than two years.

How long will NAPPS members allow this arbitrary and capricious management of the association to continue? Do you think these are simple mistakes? Or are the all tied into the international trade of process, the creation of franchise process serving companies (for this link look in comments regarding a company called Axaz) , the evasion of over 400K in taxes over the past 5 years, the awarding of an excessive contract of over $1,200,000.00 million dollars to the administrator. The links in this paragraph will open in a new window just close the window to continue one.

The interesting part of this debate is normally you would keep it silent because you would not want the destruction of records to cover it up. In this case that effort would be futile there are way to many corroborating documents outside their control. That is why their silence is their loudest accuser!

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