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"NAPPS Observations from a founding Member" - Fred Blum overruled

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Did you know that the internet is abuzz with numerous clinical historical studies on a phenomenon call FOUNDERS SYNDROME

Come on everybody lets get together and gather around the youtubes that are going to change NAPPS world! To view ll the youTube videos go to the playlist here.

Fred Blum and Mitchell Rubin NAPPS Founders and co owner of B & R Services Pennsylvania


anti competitive

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If you are here due to Frederic Blum article in the Docket here is my response. You should open it in adobe. The pdf has hyperlinks that take you to documents relating to his dispersions. This pdf of Blum dispersions has linked support

Blum uses his personal offices to recieve official NAPPS correspondance.

In regards to the Blum can say all he wants but as my diligent website has all the docs already. In this link starting at page 6 7 8 9 10 12 and all throughout is B&R involvement. Blum & Rubin (B & R ) and the Mitchell Rubin connection it is clear even if the name B & R isn't enough?


Clearly Mr Blum has a history of manipulating the record. The question is if Blum will take the heat for the revision or claim Mr Alan Crowe would have or did authorized the rewrite and bring his integrity into question too.

Alan Crowe wrote this in 2005 regarding Mr Blum receiving the MAC award. In it Mr Alan Crowe included a reference to Mitchell Rubin.

Mr Blum of B & R has posted on his website the same letter with Mr Alan Crowe byline. Mr Blum removes the reference to Mitchell Rubin. A letter Mr Blum did not write and the record shows he did it posthumously without any reference to his revisions of another mans work. We are in the business of record integrity and for this matter I give Mr Blum an "F".

Although I have copies of both these documents for posterity sake they are also both still accessable on NAPPS version July 2005 Docket and B&R version respective websites article title Macdonald Award.

According to multiple independent sources Mr Blum has become the most influential leader and director of NAPPS business today. Accordingly nothing is done or cannot be done without his approval and support. In him, through him and for him is the direction of NAPPS. One current source, fearful of the power of the board to end his business was trying to get me to stop the inquiries into NAPPS operations and before they, even the board SOURCE, voted to expel me.

1315 Walnut Philadelphia, PA has significant ties to this page, NAPPS. Blum and Rubin.

Mr Blum is reflected in official minutes to overturn the TAMAROFF resignation of which led to the mechanics of my expulsion. The expulsion couched under an idea that I published NAPPS documents. Yet Mr Blum has published documents of NAPPS for 30 years on his own web site. You can find that here. My expulsion proceeded on without regard to the facts.

Mr Blum is 50% partners in B & R Services with NAPPS founding member Mitchells Rubin. Mr Rubin's name was removed from B & R website around July 2011 as his indictments and convictions in Federal court in 2010 developed. Rubin remains as a 50% owner of B & R according to corporation records. B&R receives work by being listed in NAPPS directory. I am no longer on the list because ....? View the NAPPS expulsion tab on the left.

RUBIN-pleamemorandum sentencing mrubininformation mrubin_release

Blum Rubin founding members of napps This NAPPS article indicates Rubin AND Blum are founding members of NAPPS.

This NAPPS article by Mr Alan Crowe shows Rubin
name included

Blum edited the same article written by
Alan Crowe and placed it on Blum website and eliminated Rubin's name. If it is still live you can find his edited version it at his website If it is removed just look at my copy in the prior link.

As of September 17, 2013 corporate records show 2 corporations both with Blum and Rubin as principals 1. B & R Service for professionals and as of September 17, 2013 2. B & R Service of Process INC.

In 2009 a NAPPS member was concerned over an indictment and conviction of a NAPPS founding member. He was issued this cease and desist letter Then Blum immediately sent it out to the board.

Soon thereafter Mr Blum sends an email notice to the entire board. In it he reinforces his authority upon the entire organization. That email is here.

March 13, 2013 Attorney General Kathleen Kane announces charges against eight men accused in a "pay to play" case involving the Turnpike. NAPPS founder Mitch Rubin (Although Mr Rubin is no longer a NAPPS member his 50% partnership/owner of B & R Services allows him to receive the benefits of the exchange of work through NAPPS directory!)


Former Turnpike Commissioner, NAPPS founder, and B & R Principal Mitchell Rubin leaves a district judge's office after his arraignment Wednesday.

Silencing of members relating to public policy concerns and the fruits of IRS 990 investigations is wrong and leads to a concentrated level of conflicts, ineffectiveness, defensiveness and improper and often illegal actions to support it all. Yet through it all it appears the question of professionalism seems to reside in the hands of power!

For the image of professional process servers, especially those in a non profit association, designed to foster integrity ethics and professionalism, we MUST REMAIN TRANSPARENT and dole out just and proper punishments. To extinguish members, multiple members, to keep these secrets is what history told us is immoral and wrong.

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